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About DEC Architect

The oldest known treatise on architecture, dating from Roman times, states that good architecture possesses three fundamental characteristics: commodity, firmness, and delight. DEC Architects projects include Religious Work, Commercial Interiors, Residential, and Eco-Friendly Design.

  • Commodity is the fit between a building’s design and its use—functionality elevated to the level of convenience and comfort.
  • Firmness is a building’s physical integrity over time— structural soundness and durability of both the “guts” and the finishes.
  • Delight can be many things in a building—beauty, poetry, dignity, warmth, or playfulness depending on the nature of the project.

I believe no one has improved on this definition of architecture in the intervening 2,000 years, and I try to make sure that each of my projects possesses these qualities in equal measure.

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